About MIST

MIST is an Irish support group for those with loss of central vision.

The group was founded in 1995 by Maura Tallon who had macular impairment. MIST offers ongoing practical help and advice to all those with this condition, as well as family and friends.

Contact is maintained with groups worldwide for the latest information on visual aids and research.

A brief history of the group

In March 1995 seven complete strangers met in the Gresham Hotel to exchange views on their loss of central vision. It was a wonderful experience to meet others with a similar problem. On one occasion we were gathered around a table with our cups of coffee and hand held magnifying glasses when Rosemary’s son called in to see her. Later he remarked to her that we looked like a group of sleuths trying to solve a murder case!

We soon discovered that the light in the hotel was inadequate and moved across the road to the Royal Dublin Hotel. As the numbers increased another move was necessary and so we went to the Dublin Central Mission, where we stayed for about a year before moving to Wynne’s Hotel where we have been for a number of years. Of the original seven I am glad to say four are still with us.

The highlight for the group was, of course the seminar, which was held in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire on the 7th October 2000. Over the years members have come and gone, some through illness and others, sadly, to their eternal reward.

The success of MIST is due to the fact that people who have loss of central vision established it and it is a voluntary organization. One thing that is worth remembering is that none of us knows just how much vision other members have. Some can still enjoy, to a limited extent, their hobbies or even driving but I feel sure that they say to themselves “for how much longer?”

Everybody with macular degeneration be it to a greater or lesser degree, is most welcome. We could also do with more fully sighted people within the group. So if any of your family or any of your friends would be free to give some of their spare time to us they would be most welcome.

Maura Tallon, Hon. Secretary

MIST is a registered charity No. 13127

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